As they say, everything worthwhile begins with a dream.

Back in the 90’s, no one in India really looked at high tech horticulture or floriculture. But in the Ghodawat Group, thinking a few years ahead of the times is standard practice. Ghodawat Agro was born keeping the future and the immense possibilities from floriculture in mind.

The inception of Ghodawat Agro was the fructification of a dream to promote integrated development in the high growth floriculture and horticulture sectors and to deliver the benefits of accessing global markets to India. Today we are living that dream.

In a journey of just over a decade, our bouquet of offerings had expanded rapidly to encompass a rich variety of flowers, fillers, exotic and indigenous fruit and select vegetables exported across the globe from a number of locations in India.

To us this is a win-win situation whichever way we look at it. On one hand we are making strides into a sector that has a global market and beautiful connotations in addition to huge potential. On the other we are creating huge opportunities, giving skilled occupation and improving the livelihood of thousands of families in India who would not have had this chance otherwise. Ghodawat Agro lives up to the basic tenet of the Group – doing things that make business sense, but at the same time contributing to society in a larger way. Having built the foundations of a global floriculture business we are now preparing to live up to the Ghodawat Group vision of being the best in whatever we do. This is just the beginning, our footprint is about to increase dramatically.