Often known simply as ‘Mum’, her origins are in Asia and north-eastern Europe, but she is loved across the world. Rich, full bodied and with an enviable variety of shapes, sizes and colours,she is Chrysanthemum. The throne of the Emperor of Japan has been named after her and she is the official flower for the cities of Chicago and Salinas. Festivals are celebrated for ‘Mum’ in Japan and China..



She comes from one of the largest known flowering families and her history extends almost 80 million years. She is part of floral royalty, cousin to Vanilla and one of the most sought after flowers globally. She is the amazing Orchid.



Travelling all the way from the exotic lands of South America to join the Ghodawat Flower family, she is shaped like a heart and talks direct to the heart. Known variously as the Flamingo Flower – on account of her stunning deep blush colour – as Boy Flower, Painted Tongue and Painter’s Palette, she is the vivid Anthurium. Anthurium comes in a variety of textures from leathery to fragile and papery and her surface finish ranges from glossy to matt. She comes in a number of rich colours and elegant shades.